Financial Support

There are kids sports organizations that are put in place to help low income families register for our programs. they can fund up to 200$ in Burnaby, 600$ in Richmond, and up to 500$ if you live in Vancouver for each calendar year.
Website links:
if you live in non of the cities above please check the website to find the appropriate chapter then click on ''apply for assistance
There are two option , you can either apply online and for that you will need to have to be willing to submit your financial information online , or you can print the application and ask a financial endorser to sign ( could be school principle, doctor, counselor..there is more options on the application) . they usually process application once a month so it will take 2 to 4 weeks to get an answer. Parents can also apply at Canadian tire jumpstart they usually fund up to 600$ yearly but that is subject to chapter discretion or local demand. To apply you will need to submit either your notice of assessment, 3 consecutive paychecks or a T4 or previous year .